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A Lifetime of Stories (2019)

Consul General of Ireland, Owen Feeney with ‘A Lifetime of Stories’ team: Mario Reilly, Marie McMillan, Damien McCloskey, Pat Foley, Director Enda Murray and Tomás De Bhaldraithe

A Lifetime of Stories – Oral Histories of Irish Seniors in Sydney – is a documentary and web project that tells the amazing life stories of Sydney’s Irish seniors. Pat Foley (RIP), Tomás de Bhaldraithe, Marion Reilly, Marie McMillan and Damien McCloskey tell their own stories with humour, style and wisdom. 

A Lifetime of Stories was devised with the interviewees by director Dr Enda Murray using a workshop-based process which incorporated elements of creative writing, drama and music. View the website and watch the documentary here.

Irish Australian Online Song Library Project (2016)

This website is an online library for Irish Australian songs. The website can accept user generated material and features lyrics, music sheet, first line finder and links to video renditions of the song. The project was supported by the Consul General of Ireland and the Irish National Association.
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Secret Family Recipes (2012)

Secret Family Recipes (Documentary, 2012, 53 Minutes)

I grew up in Ireland but left there in 1985 and finally settled in Sydney. I made this film because I wanted to explore what connects me to my family, my community and my place of birth. What aspects of my Irishness will I pass on to my daughters in Australia? What parts will they want? In ‘Secret Family Recipes’ the ritual baking of a family cake unlocks hidden stories of family, community and place.

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This documentary formed part of Enda Murray’s PhD thesis. You can read the full thesis entitled ‘A personal filmic exploration of contemporary Irish-Australian identity’ here.