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Secret Family Recipes

Secret Family Recipes (Documentary, 2012, 53 Minutes)

I grew up in Ireland but left there in 1985 and finally settled in Sydney. I made this film because I wanted to explore what connects me to my family, my community and my place of birth. What aspects of my Irishness will I pass on to my daughters in Australia? What parts will they want? In ‘Secret Family Recipes’ the ritual baking of a family cake unlocks hidden stories of family, community and place.


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Inside is a project which explores the experience of institutional detention through drama and creative writing. Inside worked with a group of teenage girls at Juniperina Juvenile Justice centre in south west Sydney and a group of women at Lou’s Place, a centre for homeless women in King’s Cross, Sydney.
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Habibi Jammin’

Habibi Jammin’ takes us beyond the headlines and into the lives of four young people from the Arabic community in the troubled Western Sydney suburb of Bankstown. NOMISe, Julie, Susan and Matuse are the most talented and articulate participants in the Jammin’ in the Middle E drama project which promises to produce a television drama based on stories from their lives.

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Virtual Palestine

Virtual Palestine is a cutting edge arts project, developed by Virus Media in collaboration with young Palestinians in Sydney to establish a creative cyber presence for the global Palestinian diaspora. The site uses both English and Arabic and features a gallery, a communication space and music software to jam live on the net with people in other countries.
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Sound System

Sound System explores the little known subculture of the British reggae sound system scene. The program follows veteran Birmingham dancehall crew Quaker City as they play out in Handsworth and features interviews with some of the major players in the British dancehall scene.
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Reel Irish

Reel Irish documents the hidden world of Irish dancing in Britain. The program reaches beyond the glamour of the Riverdance phenomenon to look at the experiences of the ordinary women who passed down their traditions through the generations.

Reel Irish is about the importance of belonging.
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Radio Documentaries

Virus Media has produced a number of radio documentaries including Wired Palestine, Earthdreamers and Dereb, portrait of an Ethiopian Musician , all of which were broadcast on ABC Radio National’s Radio Eye slot.

Earthdreamers (2000) – Mad Max meets the Merry Pranksters in the red centre of Australia – It’s a road movie on the radio!

Wired Palestine (2002) looks at the role of the internet in the Middle East peace process.

Derebe –Portrait of an Ethiopian Musician (2003) is a peek into the life of a young Ethiopian exile as he plies his musical trade in the Sydney suburbs.

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