Earthdreamer explores the psychedelic artforms, progressive politics and chaotic lifestyle of Sydney artist and activist Pete Strong – It’s Mad Max meets the Merry Pranksters and Don Quixote’s driving the bus!

earthdream_guysPete Strong is by parts electronic music artist, clothes designer, political activist and utopian dreamer. This doco is a snapshot of Pete as he embarks on the Earthdream Tour – an eco-warrior techno circus travelling across the red centre of Australia in an attempt, as Pete explains, “to experience first hand the issues of Aboriginal land rights, uranium and sustainable living”.

With freaks, greenies, doofers, science eggheads, film crews, black fellas, crusties, ravers, punks and revolutionaries joining Pete on the trail Earthdreamer is a road movie combining the anarchic humour and politics of Ken Kesey’s Merry Pranksters with the dusty technology of Mad Max plus the heady idealism of a modern day Don Quixote. Fasten your seatbelt, veer off the straight and narrow and hit the red dirt road!

earthdream_planes“The most kickass adventure of political, social, cultural and historical proportions to snake its way across Australia” The Australian

Produced and Directed by Enda Murray

Edited by Gavin Walburgh

earthdream_firewingMusic by Labrats and Non Bossy Posse

Length 26 minutes