Jammin’ in the Middle E (2006)

An Arab-Australian family is caught between two cultures in this rollicking tale of rap music, fast cars, comedy and finding romance in Sydney’s little Lebanon. Watch it here.

Naima and Ishak are sister and brother from a conservative, middle class Muslim family in Western Sydney. Ishak is a part time rapper who dreams of being a gangster but fails miserably at every turn while Naima, who usually ends up bailing him out, has the hots for his mate – the cool dude Rafi.

Ishak has got into hot water again betting his car and a large sum of cash on an illegal street race in which he will race and which he is sure to lose.

jammin_promoIshak hatches a plot with his sidekicks to steal his own car for the insurance. The plan goes pear-shaped and things look increasingly grim – especially when the rap battle that Ishak organises to raise some cash is double booked with a traditional Lebanese wedding.

What next for Naima and Ishak?

Employing a longform drama workshop approach in its production, Jammin in the Middle E uses real life stories from the lives of the young amateur cast as the starting point for the screenplay.
jammin_carProducer: Enda Murray

Director: Kim Mordaunt

Writer: Howard Jackson

DOP: Joel Peterson

Length: 50 minutes

Supported by Australia Council, NSW Ministry for the Arts, Australian Film Commission, NSW Film and Television Office, SBSi